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Be Careful of Your Personal Story!

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change: Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr
Each of us has a personal story to tell, this is as a result of what happened in our lives. The truth is, we all live our lives as a result of the personal story we believe about ourselves. These stories, I must emphasize, are true stories and mostly very sad. This article is based mainly on the sad stories about ourselves.
My father was brutally stabbed and murdered when I was seven years old. When I was sixteen years old, my mother was tragically knocked down by a car, whose driver had been shot dead and lost control of the car, it went straight to my mother so fast that she couldn’t avoid it, knocked her down and dragged her along the side of the road. She died instantly, her body parts were scattered all over the place and were picked up one by one. This is my story as Veli Ndaba.
I shared this with my mentor Les Brown who then shared his with me. “Veli, I and my twin brother Wesley were born on the floor of the old building, we were adopted. I am 69 years old now, if a man and a women were to show up now and say they were my biological parents, I wouldn’t know if they were telling the truth. I never saw them no their picture. But I refused to be defined by my story. Today, I am one of the top motivational speakers in the world and has since made millions of dollars.”
I couldn’t sleep a wink that night as it had occurred to me that all along I used my story as an excuse to justify why I was not claiming my dreams. I instead realised how lucky I was that I knew my parents and had fond memories of them unlike Les. So, this goes to prove that in every dark cloud, there is a silver lining but sadly, most of us focus on the big dark part of the cloud and lose sight of the silver lining.
Since then, I made a vow to myself  that I would never use my story as an excuse, instead, I’ll use it to empower myself and others. You see, most people are held back by their true personal stories and are always seeking pity and comfort from the world, wake up and use your story to propel you to the top. Other people’s stories make you realise that yours is far much better. Don’t let your story sabotage your dreams, however sad it may be. Look at it this way: It could have been worse, you could have died no miss the opportunity to be alive. My friend, you are alive and have the world as a platform, yours is to step up and express your gifts and talents. I believe in you!
Veli Ndaba is a Professional and Motivational Speaker, Life-Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Author of two books (You Are Born to Win and Your Dream is Calling You), Newspaper Columnist and Entrepreneur. To book him to help you and your team unleash your greatness, contact him on , and 083 304 9773

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