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Do You Know Who You Are?

“You are where you are because of who you were, but where you go depends entirely on who you choose to be.” – Hal Elmod

Did you ever honestly asked yourself who you really are? I have found this to be one of the most fascinating questions we can ask ourselves. The vast majority of people I have asked this question answer it by using their names, culture, religion, position at work, social status, gender, race and the list goes on and on. I would like us to view this question differently going forward as I have realised that how we answer this question is directly related to our results in life.

Who you are is your self-identity, the way you look at yourself and your relationship to the world. See your religion, culture, position at work, race, gender, etc. as different masks that you wear when you perform certain roles but not you. We are limitless beings, boundless and full of possibilities. However, because of these masks or boxes we put ourselves in, we immediately limit ourselves. I have found that, in most cases, this comes from a need for acceptance, primarily from others. One of the roots of this tendency is the expectation that parents put on the children that they will “make something of their lives” … to justify the parental need to be seen as a successful parent.

I was trained as a mechanical engineer and spent certain years of my life practising in the field. I didn’t see myself beyond this “box”, I was limited to so many possibilities in life. I since realised that whenever you define yourself as the ‘mask’ or ‘accountant’ or ‘engineer’ or ‘sweeper’ or ‘male’, you restrict yourself from the many possibilities life has. Defining yourself by the mask you are wearing create a boundary, a separation from your divinity, your infinity, and your innocence.

The day I realised that I am an immaterial spirit trapped inside the body, that I am limitless, that I am innocent, that I am boundless, that I am infinite was the day I claimed my freedom. I started to realise that I was more than a mechanical engineer that I was made to believe that I was. I soon realised that I was using a mask to box myself. The danger about a mask is that it comes with the rules and boundaries – that is how to think, act, behave, associate with etc, it is these rules that make you not think beyond the mask you are wearing (position you hold). What I mean by rules is that an engineer must think like an engineer, not an accountant, artist, doctor, etc. and this is where the limits come in. As a human being you are full of possibilities and to explore these possibilities you need to come out of the box and live your life freely.

You have greatness within you, you have gifts, talents and abilities far beyond your imagination and to take advantage of your talents, take off the mask and see life in its entirety. You were born to express yourself and share your gifts and talents to the world not to prove yourself to anyone.


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