The Neuroscience of Things

The Neuroscience of Things is about understanding human nature. Our workplaces are human systems and yet very little of our approach to leadership is underpinned by principles of human nature.

Human nature was formed in a very different setting from where we find ourselves today. Shifting from being hunter-gatherers and villagers to being factory workers and corporate professionals has not altered what it means to be human – the way our brains work, the way we process information, and our social natures. This means that the behavior that served us well in our ancestral setting is still prevalent in today’s offices, corridors, and meeting rooms.

Without a doubt, to be a great leader, you need to understand human nature – how the human brain works and what triggers it to respond the way it does. ‘The Neuroscience of Things’ under the ‘Veli Ndaba NeuroEngineering Leadership Effect’ #VNNLE, both explains the behaviors that often limit organization’s performance, and provides solutions for those challenges. 

The understanding of the human brain and ‘The Neuroscience of Things’ can help leaders/managers: 
  • Better influence others and avoid miscommunication. 
  • Minimize difficulty in implementing change
  • Use their power constructively
  • Avoid factions in a team by knowing the impact of favoritism.
  • Relate to people as individuals so the leader has the moral authority to lead.
  • Foster team harmony through the human practice of bonding.
  • Understand why people engage in rumors and how to use this compulsion positively.
  • Overcome their natural tendency to avoid performance feedback.
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