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Self-Esteem Leads To Mastery!

“The strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness is self-esteem: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.” – Gerry Gillies 

Self-esteem means accepting and appreciating yourself for who you are. It means to be always a first rate of yourself instead of being a second rate of somebody else. People with high self-esteem feel good about themselves and appreciate their own worth. At the same time, they acknowledge their weaknesses but they don’t allow those weaknesses to play an irrationally large role in their lives.

People with high self-esteem are happier than those with low self-worth. They are also more likely to take on difficult tasks and persevere in the face of failure. Therefore, they are more likely to succeed.

Let me share a few ideas with you that will help you develop this very important ingredient about success:

  1. Your beliefs drive your thoughts; your thoughts drive your habits; your habits drive your behaviour/actions and finally your behaviour/actions drive your results. This means that you must always look at your results as a form of feedback. This feedback/result tells you about the ingredients that went into the dough, hence it doesn’t help beating yourself up about what is already done; since you can’t change it, you can learn from it. This is wisdom!
  2. The above point may sound simplistic but it’s very critical. As human-beings, we are creatures of habits, meaning we are what we repeatedly do – right or wrong. Once you get used to doing something, you get to a point where you no longer think about it, it drives you hence it’s called habit – it means you become habituated. Once you become used to doing something (right or wrong!), you no longer think about it, you get into a cruise control.
  3. To establish true self-esteem, we must learn to find what is good about things versus what is not. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, and talk about most of the time is going to attract more in your life. Focus on your dreams and success while learning from your mistakes. Always use the results you have produced as a feedback that will continually help you grow and guide you to your desired destiny.
  4. When you have a high self-esteem, you feel good about yourself and do well. If you follow the above, whatever you’ll touch will definitely turn to gold!

Veli Ndaba is a leadership and Insightful Speaker, Life-Coach and Neuro- Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Author of three books (You Are Born to Win, Your Dream is Calling You and SWITCH ON!), Newspaper Columnist and Entrepreneur. To book him to help you and your team unleash your greatness, contact him on , and 083 304 9773