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Switch On Your Personal Power!

“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”
– Johann von Goethe

Knowledge is power, but action is powerful. It really doesn’t do good to empower yourself with knowledge if you are not going to use that knowledge. Take action to improve yourself with the knowledge you have. Don’t sit on all those golden nuggets, use them!

My purpose in life is to help people save themselves from self-sabotage, which is self-destructive behaviour. You see, we all have knowledge of something but if that knowledge is not relevant to your dreams, you can kiss your dreams goodbye. What you need to clearly understand is that your beliefs guide your thoughts; your thoughts lead to your choices; your choices lead to your behaviour; your behaviour create your experiences; your experiences produce your emotions and your emotions drive your thoughts. Take your time to understand and internalize this, its very important.

If you believe you are not worthy of something, your thoughts will be guided to make choices that are in agreement with this belief. Then you will make choices that will lead certain behaviours, which will create certain experiences that will produce certain emotions which will then drive the same thoughts, that’s how the loop continues.

Your thoughts are very key and are informed by what you feed them based on your beliefs. A belief is a feeling of certainty about something, right or wrong. The first step to change your life therefore is to take stock of your beliefs because they are the driving force in your life. You may have had critical parents, siblings, neighbour, teacher, manager and even a romantic partner who somehow influenced your beliefs. Take stock of your beliefs and correct them.
Always remember that a human life cannot be catalogued. You are a one time miracle, believe that and your PERSONAL POWER will be SWITCHED ON!

Veli Ndaba is a leadership and Insightful Speaker, Life-Coach and Neuro- Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Author of three books (You Are Born to Win, Your Dream is Calling You and SWITCH ON!), Newspaper Columnist and Entrepreneur. To book him to help you and your team unleash your greatness, contact him on, and 083 304 9773