‘Transforming Leaders From Mental Darkness to Leadership Light’

The Neuroscience of Things toolkit

The Neuroscience of Things Toolkit: Leaders & Managers.


The continued evolution and constant change of the modern world of work calls for more informed, and dynamic leadership capabilities than ever before. The Neuroscience of Things  Toolkit has been intentionally designed with you in mind – To empower and enable you on your journey of relevance and success. 

By adapting your thinking approach, you can maximize your leadership potential, and make a significant impact on your own, as well as team and organisational effectiveness. 

What`s Keeping You Awake At Night?

The toolkit comprises of the following domains…..

Organisational Culture

Leaders as custodians of culture

Business Transformation & Change

Overcoming disruption | Growth vs. Fixed Mindeset

Driving Peak Performance in Hybrid/Remote Workforce

Neuroscience of motivation

Stuff Wellbeing & Engagement

Happy employees = Healthy bottomline

Team Effectiveness

Work profiles

Personal Mastery

Emotional , Social & Situational Intelligence

Developing & Retaining The Right Talent

Formula for winning teams

Fostering Psychological Safety

Psychology of inclusion, belonging & feedback

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