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You Were Born To Create

“You have to think of the big things while you are doing the small things so that the small things go in the right direction.” – Alvin Toffler
We are all endowed with the power to create anything we can ever imagine. Creation happens at two levels or realms, first in the mental plane and second in the physical plane. Nothing can just be built in the physical plane or world before it is completed in the mental plane and this is the undisputed law of nature.
Creation requires three things which are imagination, visualisation and faith. Let me explain these three terms for us to be on the same page. IMAGINATION is the power to create a scene in mind which does not follow any limits or boundaries of regulation, practical or achievable approach.  VISUALISATION is about creating the scene in your mind within the boundaries of practicality and achievable limits. FAITH is the ability to see and believe in something that does not exist in the physical world. Faith is about having a positive expectation that something will work out no matter what.
Let me further explain the critical thing about this faith which gives birth to conviction. Faith works for both POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE. Once you have a POSITIVE SCENE/EXPECTATION in your mind your faith will keep it that way so as for NEGATIVE EXPECTATION. Having FAITH in who you are makes you have a DEEP BELIEF that your life is worthy, that you have dignity, that you are unique, special and different for a purpose which makes you not less than any other human being on earth. This is why we are told to always walk by FAITH not by sight. That is why the greatest book ever written states that, ‘Eye has not seen, ear has not heard nor it is in the heart of the mankind what God has in store for you.” You have so much power within you that is far beyond your imagination. When you truly believe in yourself and your own abilities, creative juices will begin to flow and freedom and peace of mind will befriend you. You are God’s special and unique creation, flatly refuse to be someone else’s copy, because you will be lost and that will lead to confusion, frustration and disappointment. You are all that you are for a reason and the sooner you accept this, the sooner you will be able to tap into that inner voice, yes, that voice of reason that will guide you to your destiny. Let today be the day that you begin to create that powerful YOU and leave a mark in the world.
Veli Ndaba is a Professional and Motivational Speaker, Life-Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Author of two books (You Are Born to Win and Your Dream is Calling You), Newspaper Columnist and Entrepreneur. To book him to help you and your team unleash your greatness, contact him on , and 083 304 9773

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