‘Transforming Leaders From Mental Darkness to Leadership Light’


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You Are Born to Win

Each one of us was born a winner. But we need some help when it comes to thinking like winners and living like winners. Inside this book, Veli Ndaba gives some valuable tips on winning ways that will help you achieve success in all areas of your life. 


We have many missed calls in our lives because of the noise around us. This book will help you create silence in your life so you can hear your dream calling you … pick up the call and answer it… this is the call that can change your life. 


Now is the time to release the greatness that lies dormant in you. This book will not only inspire you but also give you the know-how necessary to switch on your personal power so you can live a beautiful life. 


Life is all about self-discovery, don`t be a follower who swallows everything you receive, be a great student of life who questions, analysis, and interrogates the things you receive, see, and here. Read this book and set your soul on fire. 

Set Your Soul on Fire

the neurscience of effective leadership

“The Neuroscience of Effective Leadership” is a must-read book for anyone interested in understanding the inner workings of effective leadership. Written by a renowned neuroscience expert, this book dives deep into the science behind what makes a great leader and provides practical strategies for enhancing your own leadership skills. Whether you’re a business executive, team manager, or aspiring leader, this book will unlock the secrets of leading with confidence and impact.

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